Rebecca Pamperien, Glendale High


What is your role in Springfield Public Schools (SPS)? 

I teach Latin I, II, III, and IV, occasionally V.

How many years have you been with SPS? 

1983-1987 full-time at Parkview High School

2007-2021 part-time at Glendale High School

What are some of your favorite things about teaching? 

  1. helping students connect the ancient language to their modern world
  2. all the cultural experience to enhance the study of the language. From medical terminology to Roman banquets and game days, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking them beyond translation and grammar and heling them discover the benefits of taking my class.

What is something you will miss about SPS? 

I will miss the interactions with students and having the unique opportunity to be the only one in the district teaching this subject. We were like a a little family.

What advice would you like to share with those who are not retiring this year? 

My advice to those who are not retiring yet would be to savor your role in the students’ lives. Enjoying the different personalities and demonstrating your care and concern for each one makes a lasting impression.