The Foundation for Springfield Public Schools is responsible for managing approximately 150 funds and scholarships which provide resources to students and public schools in Springfield. These funds and scholarships are established by individuals, families and businesses in the community.  To learn how you can establish a fund or scholarship to benefit Springfield Public Schools please call 417-523-0144.

Nearly half of the Foundation’s funds are scholarship funds which benefit graduating seniors in Springfield Public Schools.  Students apply for scholarships through their school counselor’s office.  To learn how to apply for a Foundation scholarship please see your school counselor or visit the scholarships page on this website.

See a complete list of our temporary restricted and endowed funds

See a complete list of scholarships

Grant Programs
The Back to School grant program is the Foundation’s yearly grant program open to certified employees and principals in Springfield Public Schools.  This program provides financial support to teachers and students in the areas of general classroom projects, community & family engagement, literacy. mental health, STEAM, and student experiences.

The Pick-a-Project Crowdfunding is an online crowdfunding platform that allows SPS staff to post campaigns that support their school and classroom needs on the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools web site, giving donors an opportunity to select which project to support, at the dollar amount they choose.

Outstanding Educator Recognition & Awards

The Annual Celebrate SPS, Teacher Appreciation Banquet honors Springfield Public Schools dedicated staff and educators with an evening of fun, networking and award presentations including the Teacher of the Year Award.

The Turner Reading Awards are awarded each year to five outstanding reading teachers in Springfield Public Schools.  The five nominees each receive a personal cash prize as well as a cash award for their school’s literacy program. Nominations are collected from community members, co-workers, friends and family throughout the month of January each year. For more information, call the Foundation office at 523-0144.

The Linda Luke Award  was established in memory of Hickory Hills and Disney librarian, Linda Luke, who was known for her dedication and commitment to excellence. This award is given out each year to one librarian in the district who makes an outstanding, positive impact on students.