Welcome to the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools, where we work to promote educational excellence for every child by raising, managing, and distributing private investment to benefit the students of Springfield Public Schools. With our community partners, we help bridge the gap between what schools need and what they can afford.

Visit and support the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools through your purchases.  When you make a purchase simply remember to designate the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools as your charity.


Donor Spotlight:

Old Missouri Bank

1. Please tell us about your business: 
We are a locally founded, community bank with a commitment to provide the best banking experience for our community and to help build a bright future for the people we serve.

2. Tell us why you support the Foundation for Springfield Pubic Schools:
It is our responsibility to invest our resources so that we can help create success for our local students. Our ultimate success as a community will rely on the success of our students.

3. Have you ever delivered grants with the Foundation or gone on a grant visit?
This was our first year to deliver grants. It was an incredible experience to see both the faces of the teachers and students. When people know that our community is fiscally investing in their future, it builds confidence, excitement and a greater sense of purpose. That was seen all over SPS as grant deliveries took place.

4. Why do you think it is important for the community to support the Foundation?
As a community, it is vital to support the Foundation. Education is always changing and we have to prepare our kids for jobs that don’t even exist yet. To do so, we must lead with innovation – which can often times be costly. It is our responsibility from the private sector to create partnerships that will sustain and support our educational system. Our talent pipeline and success of our economic future relies on these strong partnerships. Lastly, every child deserves an education that will allow them to prosper once they reach adulthood.