Pick-a-Project is the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools’ online, crowdfunding platform for SPS teachers, educators, coaches and staff to support educational programs and projects.


  • Projects must be sanctioned by Springfield Public Schools.
  • Projects must be approved by principal and/or department head. 
  • Applicants must be an SPS employee (teacher, nurse, coach, etc.). 
  • Projects must have a specific fundraising goal and end date for fundraising.
  • Items must be purchased through district approved vendors.  
  • Applicants must explain planned use of donation, in the event full funding is not raised. 
  • Donations made to Pick-a-Project are tax deductible and donors will receive a donation receipt from the Foundation for SPS.
  • Projects that receive full and partial funding will need to complete a final project report at the end of the year.


If you have questions regarding Pick-a-Project, please contact the Foundation office at 523-0144, or email lfinke@spsmail.org


Apply for Pick-a-Project

  • Please provide the best number to reach you in case of any questions.
  • Please share the social media tags that are appropriate, relevant and will help to promote your grant project
  • Don't forget shipping & handling fees
  • Must submit a deadline for when project fundraising efforts will close. Extensions can be given upon request.
  • Please give a brief overview of your project
  • Describe how funds raised will be used.
  • Describe how funds will be used if your project does not receive full funding.
  • What need is represented by your request?
  • Please list out the items to be purchased with funds along with the cost for each. Items must be purchased through district approved vendors. Example: Goodnight Moon Book- $8 each x (# of items desired) 5= $40
  • How will this project impact your students?
  • Briefly describe your student population
  • Upload an image that you would like attached to the project. Attachment must be a JPEG/Picture.
    Max. file size: 49 MB.