Answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Who may apply for funding?
A: Any certified district employee may apply for a grant. This includes principals, teachers, nurses, and counselors.

Q: What restrictions exist on grants?
A: Grants may not be written for food items, stipends, salaries, costs of substitute teachers, or capital improvements.

Q: How can I be sure the Foundation has received my application for a grant?
A: The Foundation will confirm the receipt of grants sent through school mail by e-mail within 24 hours. It is the grant writer’s responsibility to notify the Foundation if a confirmation e-mail is not received. Hand-delivered grants will be verbally acknowledged at the time of receipt.

Q: Who chooses grants?
A: Grants are ranked and selected by an allocations committee, not by Foundation staff.

If you have other questions or need information, contact the Foundation office at 417-523-0144.