• TIP: Type your answers to the application in a WORD DOCUMENT. Then, copy and paste the answers into the application on our website. This will help make sure you stay within character count and provides a backup to your grant application. *Be sure to check your character count before you copy and paste!
    • You never know what can happen…it’s better to have your answers instead of having to start completely over.


  • Question: Can I submit more than one grant application?
    • Yes, absolutely! You must submit a different application for each grant that you would like to submit.


  • TIP: Talk with your peers at your site! There might be a chance they are submitting a grant for something similar and you would be able to collaborate or even submit the application together!


  • Question: “I really want to start a class garden, who do I need approval from?”
    • You would need approval from your school’s Principal and the Grounds Department for a project similar to this where the property would receive modifications. We encourage you to reach out to Kendall Slaughter, SPS’s Farm to School Specialist, for input on your garden grant(s) before submitting.


  • Question: What if my grant seems to fall under 2 categories?
    • This definitely happens a lot! Don’t stress about it and just try to use your best judgment and pick the one you think it falls under the most. You have the opportunity in your application to share your explanation and this is the perfect place to share about your project and why you have it in this category!


  • TIP: When answering questions in other document, be mindful of each question’s character limits. Character limits are listed near the answer box and should be noted when answering to allow complete answers to be submitted. If the character count exceeds the limit, your answers will stop at the character count limit that is listed.


  • Question: “What restrictions exist on grants?”


    • Grants may not be written for food items, stipends, salaries, costs of substitute teacher, or capital improvements.


  • TIP: Use this opportunity to think “outside” of the box! There is no amount request limitation. Grants awarded can range anywhere between $100-$25,000


  • Question: “If I receive a grant, do I have to do anything else?”
    • Yes, if you receive a Back to School grant, you will have to send in an end-of-the-year report to the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools any money left over from your project that is more than $25. We will email you the information closer to the due date. We encourage you to take videos and pictures to document your grant too! We will share this on the Foundation’s website, social media accounts and with donors! You and your principal will have to sign an acceptance letter which will detail any restrictions.


  • TIP: Write your grant for ANYONE to understand your project. Grants are read by committee members who may not know education terminology.


  • Question: “How does ranking work?”
    • Ranking of projects is executed blindly by donors and volunteers. Each project is ranked within the category it was submitted into based on the criteria for that category.


  • Question: “How can I be sure the Foundation has received my application for a grant?”
    • The Foundation will confirm the receipt of grants via email within 24 hours. It is the grant writer’s responsibility to notify the Foundation if a confirmation email is not received.


  • Question: “Who may apply for funding?”
    • Any certified district employee may apply for a grant. This includes principals, teachers, nurses, counselors, music teachers, coaches, etc.

Still have questions?

Contact the Foundation for SPS, 417-523-0144, email nmurdock@spsmail.org, or ttpham@spsmail.org