#supportSPS Campaigns Crowdfunding for Springfield Public Schools

The #supportSPS campaign is a peer-to-peer platform that allows supporters and friends of the Foundation for SPS to raise money for Foundation programs. Supporters can create their own campaign complete with a fundraising page on the Foundation’s website.  They can ask their friends and family to donate using a unique URL for their specific campaign.

#supportSPS Campaigns can be created to raise funds for the following:

– #GiveBACK Day, a 24-hour fundraising event to support Back to School Grants

– The Foundation for SPS mission and goals to provide educational excellence for every student

– The Back to School Grant Program. This program receives requests directly from our educators.

– A fund managed by the Foundation for SPS

– A specific athletic program, school or project in SPS

Once the campaign is over, funds raised will be sent to your desired fund, program, school or SPS project.


Why might a supporter want to create a #supportSPS campaign?

– To help the Foundation reach its goals!

  • You can provide general support the Foundation’s mission and work.
  • You can provide support for the Foundation’s Back to School grant program.
    • Through this option you can select a specific school to support or support schools across the district.
  • You can support the Foundation during special events like the Give Back to School Day, a 24-hour fundraising event to benefit grants.
  • To celebrate your birthday!
    • A great way for your friends and family to honor you on your birthday is by donating to your #supportSPS campaign.
  • To celebrate a retirement!
    • If you are retiring and looking for a way for people to honor your work, they can support your #supportSPS campaign.
  • To celebrate Holidays & special occasions!


Next, make your donation online. No account is required. It only takes a few minutes to contribute on our secure website. You decide how much to give, beginning at $5 per contribution. You can donate $5, $20, fund the whole project, or any amount in between. It’s up to you! 100% of your donation will go to the campaign you choose! Plus, it’s tax-deductible. The Foundation for Springfield Public Schools will mail or email your tax receipt.



Matching gifts: If your employer has a matching gift program, we encourage you to notify them of your contribution and multiply the power of your gift! If you or your employer need any assistance with documentation or have questions we will be glad to assist you.


Share the excitement of giving to Pick-a-Project with your friends and co-workers on social media.


Have questions? You can call the Foundation office at 417-523-0144 or email ttpham@spsmail.org