CLOSED: 2020 Turner Reading Award Nominations!

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Do you know a teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty to help their students learn how to read? If so, we’d love to hear about them because we know reading is a fundamental stepping stone in a child’s life.

The Turner Reading Awards was established by the Turner Family Foundation. The award grants $2,000 to five teachers who show excellence in teaching reading and help instill a passion for reading within their students. $1,000 is applied to the teachers classroom and the other $1,000 can be used at the teacher’s discretion.

Nominees must be certified teachers within SPS and can be nominated by teachers, peers, parents, students, PTA members, business partners or interested community members! If you know a teacher that meets these qualifications, please nominate them by filling out the nomination form below.

If you have questions about the Turner Reading Awards please call Development Director Tina Pham at 417-523-0144 or email her at

Nominations for the Turner Reading Awards are now closed. Recipients will be selected in March.