Steven Wanicke, Hickory Hills


Mr. Wanicke has been teaching with SPS for 20 years. He is currently teaching 6th grade at Hickory Hills Middle School and he is the 7th grade football coach. Some of his favorite memories include football games, football practices, making waffles, playing chocolate bingo, playing Kagan games, good discussions in class, and simply getting to have fun with students. Mr. Wanicke will miss seeing his teacher friends and getting to witness students having their “aha” moments during class.

Before retiring, Mr. Wanicke wanted to share two pieces of advice for his fellow educators:

  1. “Cherish the times that a plan works well; they are a direct result of your hard work.”
  2. “You are NOT the worst teacher in the world. The worst teacher in the world doesn’t care. The very fact that you feel something that extreme proves that you care.”

Thank you Mr. Wanicke for your years in education! You will be missed.