Leah Lee, Delaware Elementary


Leah Lee has been a teacher in SPS for 30 years. Throughout her time, she has taught first, second, third, and forth grade. Her most cherished moments from her career in education are when she is out in the community and a young person approaches her and tells her she was their teacher. “Often we visit, they thank me, and we hug. It is a very humbling and rewarding experience.”

The thing she will miss most about working in SPS is the camaraderie at SPS. “The people I have taught with are an exceptional group of people. They are hard working, caring and giving. They are supportive, helpful and encouraging. They go the extra mile every day to make sure we take care of kids and each other.Β  For a new teacher, I would say be ready for the best adventure of your life. Work hard and you’ll do fabulous!”