Kelly Jones, McGregor Elementary


Kelly Jones was an educator in Ozark and Northern Missouri prior to joining SPS in 2012. Looking back at her time as an educator, her favorite memory is when a parent shared a story with her about one of her 6th grade students. The parent asked the child who his favorite teacher was up to that point in his education and he replied, “Mrs. Jones, because I learned the most from her.” This memory still warms her heart when she reminisces about her time and serves as a reminder of some of her greatest accomplishments.

Mrs. Jones will miss teaching and getting to see her students engaged in their learning, but also getting to work with the McGregor staff. “They really are the absolute best to work with day after day.” Her best advice to fellow educators is one that even she struggled with. “Don’t stress about all that is on the plate to accomplish in a given day as a teacher. We teachers are a group of workers with lots of integrity and we always get our job done, so why not trust in that?”

Happy retirement Mrs. Jones!