Gail Scroggins, Williams Elementary


After 29 years with SPS, Gail Scroggins will be retiring as a first grade teacher at Williams Elementary. Throughout her time as an educator, she has experienced several favorite memories and has built friendships with students and colleagues. “One of the most memorable was when I took my cross categorical students from Doling to the Dixie Stampede to watch the Christmas Show. Most of my students had never been to Dixie Stampede much less Branson. I remember when the students walked into the auditorium. Their eyes just couldn’t take everything in and they kept saying how wonderful it was. During the show they were so enthralled with everything my para and I had to keep reminding them to eat their meal. Even the restroom was a novelty to them. One of the boys refused to come out of the men’s restroom, because he was having such a good time playing in the water trough sink. It was such a pleasure to be able to provide this experience to students who would otherwise not have gone somewhere like that.”

She will miss the students and watching them when they finally get something that they have struggled to learn. “I will miss their hugs, pictures, and bouquets of dandelions and clover from recess.  I will also miss the teachers and staff and the great friendships at school.”

Some advice she wants to share with educators is, “The time goes by so fast. Cherish each and every moment.”

Thank you, Gail! Happy retirement!