Kimie Ashlock, Bentley Administration Center Special Services


Kimberly “Kimie” Ashlock is currently a process coordinator for SPS and has been with the district for 13 years. She has been able to cherish several memories from her time with the district; one that stands out to her is when students learned how to make life changing growth. “I would have to say that the best memories I have had the opportunity to experience over the years is to see students make life changing growth; this includes learning self-care, making a simple snack for themselves or learning to play with a peer and not just watch from the sidelines.  Students who not only learn basic academic skills but for those who learn independent life skills that will allow them to live their best life is the greatest pay off.  I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people who work hard to support students’ needs to help them be successful and for that I am grateful.”

During retirement, she will miss the kids the most. “Those faces and often times the hugs.” she said is what makes being an educator so special. We asked her what advice she would like to share with educators and she said, “During all those times when it seems like so much is working against you…remember to step back and see the students and families who’s lives you do impact and know that you do make a difference!”

Happy retirement Kimie! You will be missed.