BTS Spotlight: Literacy Adventures with Animal Adaptations


A small group from each of grades 3 through 5 have the opportunity this year to explore non-fiction literacy with animals and animal adaptations, thanks to receiving a Back-to-School Grant from the Foundation.

Identified by teachers and students as the [Grade 3, Grade 4, or Grade 5] After School Book Club, this opportunity engages reluctant readers through hands on activities, artistic expression, live animal presentation, and emersion into rich and appealing texts. Students read specific books about animals and their adaptations, discussing them during their club time two times a week. Also, a representative from Dickerson Park Zoo visits the group(s), bringing several animals for the children to see. In addition to seeing the animals, the children learn specific characteristics about each animal from the representative.

Recently, FSPS staff and one board member visited the Grade 3 After School Book Club. The children’s excitement was palpable as the zoo rep presented each animal! The children were completely engaged as they took turns asking questions of the representative, who worked so well with them.

This project will be part Holland Elementary’ s Family Engagement for the families of the children involved. The children will be able to present the work they’ve done and what they’ve learned through this exciting opportunity!