BTS Spotlight: Back to Basics – ABCs, McGregor Elementary


This year, McGregor Elementary was wanting to get Back to the Basics – ABC’s (Attendance, Behavior, and Classwork)! At the beginning of the school year, McGregor’s principal, teachers, and staff began a huge effort to help students develop the following habits that will lead them to success at school.

  • Attendance – 90% or greater attendance
  • Behavior – One office referral or less per quarter
  • Classwork – Complete classwork consistently

Focusing on these three areas will result in improved learning outcomes for the students. The hope is that if students are motivated to develop these habits, their lives will be changed.

Shayla Harris, the Learning Coach at McGregor, received a Back to School Grant from the Foundation for SPS to be able to offer significant incentives to help motivate students to attain these habits! The incentives would be an exciting field trip each quarter for all McGregor students, K-5, who earn it.

The staff of FSPS were recently able to visit one of these exciting field trips and see the students enjoying what they had earned. This field trip was to Urban Air. During the visit, the principal, Rebekah Kirby, explained the passion behind getting Back to the Basics – ABC’s effort. She said the students and community have already made great progress this year and she’s excited to see how they continue to grow.

This grant and these incentives will motivate students to develop these habits that will lead them to success at school and a brighter future!


Grant Details 

School: McGregor Elementary

Grant Recipient: Shayla Harris, Learning Coach

Principal: Rebekah Kirby

Grant Title: Back to the Basics – ABC’s

Category: Student Experience Grant

Grades: K-5