Back to School Grant: Wanda Gray, Emily Bell & Sherry Shank


Sherry Shank

Emily Bell and Sherry Shank wanted to promote creativity and self-expression through their grant “Every Child is an Artist”. Their grant provided one four-sided acrylic easel for each of the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) classrooms at Gray Elementary. Four students were able to create their masterpieces directly on the easel and this allowed Emily Bell them to reduce the amount of paper that was used in the classroom. Not only did this grant provide a creative outlet for students, it also helped students develop their motor skills. They encouraged students to use upright posture, which utilizes the core muscles, and promotes more reaching and movement to build strength and coordination.

“Our early childhood students absolutely love art! It was amazing to see their creativity shine through as they used different painting techniques and methods on the acrylic easels! They were all so eager to use the easels, share about their art, and have us take pictures to show their families their art!” said Sherry and Emily. “The support from the Foundation for SPS and their donors has been amazing! It provided us with classroom materials we would not have had the opportunity to get otherwise. WE want to thank the donors for their generosity and let future possible donors know that their donations go so far to impact students!”