Tamara White, Glendale High School


Glendale High School’s counselor Tamara White has been with SPS for 15 years. Some of her favorite memories center around the extracurricular activities she has been involved with. “Seeing my students and talking with them in their element is priceless. I have chaperoned dances; fixed hair for prom, judged robotics competition and even made it a family affair during wrestling season for several years by doing book for home meets alongside my husband as the announcer during these same meets.Anytime I have been able to have a conversation with my students when there wasn’t a prescribed route for the conversation to go is the JOY of my career. Supporting dreams, discussing obstacles and laughing—those are my favorite memories.”

When asked what she will miss the most Tamara said, “RELATIONSHIPS.” Before officially retiring, she wanted to share some advice to educators who will be returning for the 2020-2021 school year. “My advice to those still caring for our youth; Do not shy away from what seems to be happening and changing in response to the COVID-19 immediacy.Β  We want to teach our content, I get that, please continue.Β  However, I think what we have discovered during this SPS Home time, is paramount; care for the person first.Β  When you really invest in who your student is, how their family supports or not along with their circumstances, we make profound differences for their life, not just their grade.Β  Education is a life long journey; schooling is the way we deliver content.”

Thank you Tamara for your time with SPS! You will be missed!