Nurse Cindy, Pleasant View


“I have been a nurse for over 44 years, but for the last 25 years I have worked with Springfield Public Schools as a School Nurse.” said Nurse Cindy.

Cindy Waters will be leaving her Pleasant View family at the end of the year. When asked what her favorite memory will be she said, “That’s hard, I have so many favorite memories. One that will always be shared is the one where a former student, who tracked me down through the years, let me know she was now a school nurse. She said it was because of my influence and care for her on a daily basis in her elementary school years that made her want to grow up and be one. We (nurses) do make a difference.”

Nurse Cindy will miss the relationships that she has formed. “The one thing I will miss is my SPS Family. This not only means the teachers, administration, secretaries, and counselors, but the cafeteria, custodial, maintenance, IT, and bus drivers. It doesn’t matter what school you are at or the area you work with the SPS Family brings you in and loves on you.” Cindy continued, “When you deal with children and their families of course you build relationships with them but the bond you build with your coworkers that grows and stays with you forever.”

Nurse Cindy encourages those that are returning to continue carrying the torch through the march and live each day to its fullest, even if you are counting them down.