Lesa Bettencourt, Glendale High


As the Director of the Drama program at Glendale High School, Lesa Bettencourt has been able to impact countless students during her 27 years in Springfield Public Schools. Her favorite memories will always be from the productions she worked on with her students. “Being a part of this incredible Drama program has made me stay young and I feel that I have learned a lot from my students. The joy I get from watching them discover their talents and then feel the love of the audience and the excitement of live theatre will always be in my heart and I will never forget any of those moments.” said Lesa.

One thing that she will miss the most is her students. “They are such talented and beautiful souls that energize me every day. I love watching them grow and mature and begin the process of finding themselves. The pride I feel about what the will do in their future is immeasurable.” Lesa continued, “I am so grateful that I was allowed to spend a small part of their lives with them.”

Lesa wants to encourage those that are not retiring to share their ‘light’ with others. “One of my mentors told me once that in every heart of a teacher is a light that has been given to them by one of their former teachers. That light is eternal and will continue to burn as long as you give it to each of their students and encourage them to pass it on. Share your light proudly and the world will continue to shine.”