Leandra White, Williams Elementary


Leandra White is currently a 5th grade teacher at Williams Elementary and will be retiring from SPS after 36.5 years. She was a SPED aide for 8 years and then served as a teacher for 28 years. One of her favorite memories is when a former student said, “Thank you for teaching me. Can I come back to 4th or 5th grade?” She will miss helping students find books they can read and are excited about reading. She will also miss the connections with students, all of the staff she has worked with and the friends she has made in education.

Leandra wants to encourage educators to take care of themselves as they continue with their career. “Always take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally. Try to find a colleague or that one person you can share your ups and downs with and make connections with students.”

Congratulations Leandra!