Deborah Hightower, Wanda Gray Elementary


For the last 29 years Deborah Hightower has been a teacher at Wanda Gray Elementary. She has taught all grade levels at Gray and has even taught the same class of students for more than one year. Being able to teach the same group of students for multiple years strengthened her relationship with them and as they got older she continued to be a part of their life. She’s received graduation and wedding invitations from students and has enjoyed being able to see them grow into young adults.

Although she will miss the hugs, notes, and relationships that she has built with the kids and families she has worked with, she will also miss working with her fellow teachers. “It is heart breaking for me not to be in my classroom this last quarter doing the most fun lessons of the year. My advice to my colleagues that will be starting schoolΒ  in the fall is never take for granted the little victories and fun times of daily life at school. I wish them well with the challenge of getting back to school after being out for so long.”

Deborah will be retiring from teaching in SPS in May, but she won’t be done teaching! During her retirement, she will keep busy teaching paint parties. Once a teacher always a teacher!

Congratulations Deborah and we will be calling you for a party soon!