BTS Spotlight: World Family Night, Pipkin Middle


World Family Night at Pipkin Middle School was on February 6, 2024 and it was a celebration of the diversity at the school. There were performances, food, décor and attire all that displayed various cultures. Just before 5:30pm, guests were ushered to the auditorium for an experience of vibrant sounds of global music that culminated in a moving rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. After this opening performance, guests were able to take their own journey from one culture to another as they made their way throughout the building. Guests were given passports when they arrived, so as they ‘traveled’ from one region to another, they received stamps and stickers in the passports, creating a momentum of their journey at this exciting event!

Student exhibitions were divided into four regions: Eurasia, Africa, Central/South America, and other specialty areas.

School: Pipkin Middle School

Grant Recipient: Jennifer Bryant

Principal: Duane Cox

Grant Title: World Family Night

Grades: 3-5