Back to School Grant, Early Childhood STEAM Classroom Materials, Ms. Meredith Allison


Learning through play and self discovery is key component to early childhood education. Ms. Meredith Allison integrated this into her classroom at Campbell Early Childhood Center by providing STEM materials for students to use. “Students will be encouraged to think like a scientist and make predictions about colors, water, measurement, magnets, ramps, smells and nature. Research has shown that early STEM experiences lay the foundation for students to have greater success in STEM subjects in the future.” said Ms. Allison.

Ms. Allison’s grant was awarded in 2020 and she was able to provide the engaging materials for her students. “This grant gave my students access to materials to engage in scientific exploration and inquiry. Students were able to build with magnets, a construction set, and legos. Students used shakers and test tubes to explore color mixing and light. Students were encouraged to “think like a scientist” by asking questions and making predictions.” said Ms. Allison.

“This grant was a benefit to students because they had engaging materials to learn through play which is a key component to early childhood education. The materials purchased with this grant were used during multiple units in the Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum. Several items were used almost daily by students in learning centers and encouraging scientific exploration and problem solving.” Ms. Allison continues, “This grant is a success because it allowed my students to have hands on STEM learning. These materials will be used by future students at Campbell to continue providing them with scientific learning experiences. The materials purchased were engaging and encouraging student creativity and exploration.”

Project DetailsΒ 

Grant Category: Classroom Project

Funded Amount: $450