Nova L. Mrad Scholarship

Nova L. Mrad Scholarship

Central High School

Nova L. Mrad was a teacher at Central High School for 20 years. She taught a variety of courses across all levels of ability including the middle-years scholars and IB students. She had a gift for challenging and supporting students to build their self-esteem and skills. Her students always knew she was “no nonsense,” but cared deeply for them, firm but fair.

Nova retired in 2012, but continued to help as a volunteer for a few years when her oldest grandson was a Central student. She also enjoyed hosting pasta parties for his Central swim team. She continued to devote her physical and intellectual energy to some of her passions, like grandchildren, cooking, gardening, and genealogy. In 2016, she was diagnosed with ALS. In December 2019, her family established the Nova Mrad Scholarship at Central High School as a Christmas present for her. She was so thrilled and proud of the scholarship by which she would continue helping Central students into the foreseeable future. She had been especially fond of the A+ program, because it provided most of her students an avenue for higher education if they committed themselves, worked hard, maintained good citizenship, and attendance, even if they lacked other resources.


In order to apply for the Nova L. Mrad Scholarship you must answer yes to the following questions:

1. Are you a senior at Central High School?
2. Are you planning to continue your education post high school?
3. Do you have a financial need for support?
4. Are you a participant in the A+ Program?
5. Have you demonstrated kindness, thoughtfulness and helpfulness during your high school

If you answered no to any of these questions you are not eligible for this scholarship. If you answered
yes to each question you may proceed to the application.