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Scholarship image 1Recently 164 students graduating from Springfield Public Schools received a little extra support through scholarships from the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools.   Students from Study Alternative High School, Central, Glendale, Hillcrest, Kickapoo and Parkview High Schools benefitted from $142,300 distributed from multiple scholarships.  Many of the Foundation’s scholarships are need-based and help students pursue a higher education, who otherwise might not have the opportunity. 

The Foundation awarded over 120 different scholarships.  Of those scholarships, five were new this year; John Q Hammons Memorial Scholarship, John Q Hammons Memorial Teacher Scholarship, John W. Dickey Scholarship, Devon Roberson Memorial Viking Singer Scholarship and Chapter FT of PEO Scholarship.

“The Foundation’s scholarship program has provided countless opportunities for students in Springfield.  Many of our scholarships serve as living legacies for friends and loved one’s who believed in the future of Springfield Public Schools students and the Foundation appreciates the financial support of those who make this program possible”, said Natalie Murdock, Foundation executive director.

Students receiving scholarships plan to attend schools locally and across the nation including, Missouri State University, University of Arkansas, ColumbiaUniversity and Brigham Young University.  The Foundation for Springfield Public Schools offers scholarships which have been established by donors for students to continue their educations, create strong citizens and invest in the future.  


For a full list of funded scholarships by shool, click HERE.