Application for Back To School Grant

Grant Guidelines

Grant Writing Workshop: Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 2-4pm, Foundation Office, 1131 Boonville (RSVP to the Foundation by June 1st)

Webinar: Available HERE

Application Deadline for 2015:  Monday, June 15, 2015

Award Date: September 10

Before applying for funding, please read the guidelines below.

  • Applications should be completed online (limited to the format and space provided).
  • Only certified district employees may submit applications.
  • All questions must be answered with a complete budget.
  • Back to School grant applications are due in June 2016, date TBA
  • Grants are always awarded early September 
  • Applications WILL NOT be accepted for food items, stipends, salaries, cost of substitute teachers or capital improvements.
  • Once your application is complete print a copy and submit it.  (It is a good idea to save your application in a word document as well).  A confirmation e-mail will be sent.  If you do not receive an e-mail you may follow up with the Foundation at 523-0144.
  • There is no dollar limitation on Back to School grant requests. We will accept and review requests for any amount.
  • If this grant is for an outdoor classroom or garden project please make sure your project is approved by the SPS Grounds Management Department.
  • If your grant is for technology it must be approved by district IT and district administration. Please review their guidelines before submitting on the district website, which can be found by clicking here. Technology grants without IT approval will not be accepted. 

Grant Categories

  • Innovation: This category will include new technology related items, new equipment and new supplies for classroom/school innovation.  By definition innovation is a new idea, method or device.  To define this category, apply that definition to your classroom and/or project.
  • Engagement: This category will include classroom projects, field trips, classroom equipment and other items that will enhance student engagement.
  • Collaboration: This category will include high impact projects that include collaboration between multi-classrooms and/or schools.  These grants will reach a large number of students and include community outreach and/or involvement.
  • Reading Roundup Library Grants: This category is to be submitted by district librarians for library catalogued reading materials to include print resources, e-books, and digital devices.

Grant Criteria:

Need: How well does this grant meet the academic needs of the students and/or school?

Impact: Will it have a great impact on the students being served and how many students will it serve (take into consideration the longevity of use, potential for more years)?

District Goals: How well does this grant align with district goals of student preparation/student engagement, effective use of resources and teacher support/professional development as well as the SPS learning model.

Well-written: Was this grant well-written, creative and well thought-out?

Sustainability: How sustainability is this project and what, if any, future plans for funding does the grant writer have?

Submit Your Grant Application