Marc Mayer

Senior Vice President of Springfield First Community Bank Marc Mayer has served on the Board of Directors for FSPS since 2014. As a board member, Marc has been a constant advocate for the Foundation and for Springfield Public Schools. Marc attended schools within Springfield and they had a positive impact on his education and he wanted to ensure other students, especially his daughter, experienced the same impact.

His favorite part about being a board member is participating in the Foundation’s Back to School Grants Delivery Day because of the impact that is witnessed first-hand. “Getting to surprise the teachers with a check and seeing the smiles and emotion on their faces is so impactful.  Every day they are pouring their souls into the development of our children, and they all go above and beyond the call of duty, so as a Foundation being able to help provide resources to help them do that is such an amazing feeling!”

Marc believes community support is instrumental in the success of the Foundation. “Children are the future leaders of our community. The support the Foundation receives is reinvested into the public school systems helping to develop our future leaders. For our community to continue to grow and thrive like we want it too, we need our children to learn and prosper so that they can succeed and lead us into the future.”

Thank you Marc for your continued support of the Foundation and advocating for public education.