Glendale Dedicates Outdoor Garden

The outdoor garden project was supported by the Foundation’s Back to School program.  It includes mosaics by student artists.



Disney Journalism Grant

Last fall, fifth grade teacher, Leisha Baker, wrote a compelling Back to School grant request to start a fifth grade journalism club and school newspaper at Disney Elementary.  Due to the great amount of support that the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools received from the community, her grant request was funded in the fall of 2012.  Foundation Board and Advisory Council Members, Keran Lemons, Scott Bratcher, Jane Parker, Tim McCaleb, and Brian Fogle from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks visited the 5th grade newsroom at Disney recently to observe the student reporters in action.
The group of 14 students is currently working on their second publication of the school newspaper at Disney.  Leisha Baker commented that the journalism club and newspaper project has taken a great deal of commitment from the students, who have to arrive early at least one day a week.  They also meet monthly during their lunch period to collaborate and plan the material they want to cover. Baker also added that she has seen an improvement in language arts skills in the students who have participated in the project this year.


Student Testimony

“I went to the Discovery Center with Springfield Option Site (SOS).  Now, being 17, I didn’t think I would enjoy it anymore.  I was wrong of course because when w egot there we immediately started having fun in the DNA exhibit.   I also enjoyed the enjoyed the classroom very much.  Not for the “goop” we made but because a very nice lade took time after the class to explain marine biology to me in more detail because I am interested in majoring in it.

Thank you for the grant!”
– Jared
Springfield Option Site is a Springfield Public School on the campus at Boys & Girls Town of Missouri, funded a Back to School grant in 2012.


Mentors Matter, Study Middle School Mentoring Program

This program, funded through a Back to School grant has provided an opportunity for Study Middle School Honors Society students to mentor students at the Early Childhood Special Education Center.  Middle school students read to the early childhood students on a regular basis and do activities such as arts and crafts.  This program has been extremely meaningful to both age groups.

Funded in 2010, this program is still successful today.

Mentors Matter, Early Childhood and Study Middle School Students

Students participating in the mentoring program.

Parkview Transportation

“We may not be able to address every transportation need, but we’ve made a difference with this effort.” -Rita Johnson, Counselor at Parkview

The Foundation was pleased to recently award an $850.00 matching grant to Parkview High School for transportation needs for their students.  Since the funds were raised earlier this year, Parkview has seen an increase in attendance rates among students who did not have access to transportation.  The students who qualify are receiving bus passes and later this spring, bicycles may be made available to assist students with their transportation to and from school.  Rita Johnson, a Counselor at Parkview stated, “We may not be able to address every transportation need, but we’ve made a difference with this effort.”  The Foundation applauds the Parkview community for seeking to meet the needs of their students, and is happy to assist these efforts by matching the funds that were raised.


Numbers Games: “Math Matters” Comes to Weller and York.

“This is the first time I have had fun with my child.”
“We had an awesome time!”
“I think getting families together and promoting interaction is brilliant.”
These are just a few things parents and staff had to say after “Math Matters,” came to Weller and York Elementary. The “M & M” tutoring program was funded through a Back to School grant from the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools. This project for $8,924 allowed teachers to be trained in a math advantage program, students to have access to after-school tutoring and parents an opportunity to be involved in their child’s learning process at the family game night.

Family game night was hosted several times at both schools. Parents, school staff and the students played classic family games that related to math. Most importantly math was made fun and students had a chance to succeed in Math! The program was widely supported through the schools and communities and supported financially by Community Foundation of the Ozarks in addition to FSPS.
Math Matters: From Modeling to Mastery
Schools: Weller & York
Teachers: Julie Valdez, Stephanie Kennedy & Pat Schaffitzel

Business School

Middle school students at Pleasant View are first-class entrepreneurs. They have opened pet stores and restaurants. They know how to write letters to investors, to make floor plans, create menus and budget. They learned these skills through a project called “Teaching the Skills of Tomorrow…Today.” Funded by the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools, students were exposed to technology that helped each student create their own businesses.

Stephanie Long, 8th grade teacher at Pleasant View said, “This project has been fun and engaging. It has given the students one more opportunity to be creative and shine.”