Lin Davis, Springfield Option Site (SOS)


Linda “Lin” Davis will be retiring after 25 years with Springfield Public Schools. During her time, she has spent 18 years as a Title I Reading Specialist. She has worked in Fremont, Bingham, Robberson, and will be finishing out her career at Springfield Option Site (SOS).

“Each school is my favorite, as each student would become my favorite in turn, as I figured out how to help them connect with that nearly unfathomable skill of reading. Sorting through files of names, I wonder at how those many students have become adults and I haven’t changed at all.”

When asked if she would like to share any advice to those not retiring she said, “I wouldn’t dare give advice to other teachers for fear of not being seen for what I really am, a student myself, trying to negotiate and control the mysterious ways we all manage to learn and teach.”