The Foundation manages and awards several scholarships to graduating seniors each year. These scholarships are distributed in May at recognition ceremonies and graduations.  When searching for Foundation scholarships, students should review each of the following sections: the district wide scholarships, rotating scholarships, and the scholarship opportunities specific to the graduate’s school. Scholarship guidelines and applications are available for download here.  All scholarship applications must be submitted to your school counselor, not the Foundation office. For more information on scholarships contact your school counselor.


Scholarship Opportunities for SPS Teachers

Application Deadline: March 27, 2019


JJ Memorial Scholarship for Teachers 

JJ Memorial Scholarship Guidelines

JJ Memorial Application


Scholarship Opportunities for Students


  1. All scholarships must be submitted to your high school counselor.
  2. Before you apply for a scholarship read the guidelines carefully to make sure you meet the criteria and eligibility. If you do not meet the criteria do not apply for that scholarship.
  3. You must complete a separate application for each scholarship you apply for.
  4. Please make sure that you use part of your essay to address why you applied for the scholarship and how you meet the criteria.
  5. Check the school section of the scholarship page to see a list of scholarships available at your school and deadlines for those scholarships.
  6. District wide scholarships are open to students from any SPS high school who meet the guidelines of those scholarships.
  7. Rotating scholarships will have the school name listed next to the title.
  8. If you are a student at OTC Middle College, Vo-Tech, or Study you may apply for scholarships available at your sender/home school and those applications should be turned in to that school.
  9. If you are a family member of a Foundation for Springfield Public Schools employee, a committee member, or a substantial contributor to the scholarship, you are not eligible to apply for that scholarship.
  10. Scholarship amounts are based on available earnings and are subject to change.


Scholarship Application Form (Please submit one form for each scholarship which you apply for, and note that Firefox will not properly display the form, please use Internet Explorer or open with a different view.)

Scholarship Application Form for Mac Users Online


District Wide

*Please note, see your school listing below for school deadlines.

These scholarship opportunities are open to any graduating senior of SPS regardless of what school they are graduating from.

These must be submitted to your school counselor by your school’s scholarship deadline.

Thomas L. & Ursalee Coleman-Darton Endowed Scholarship

Darton Endowed Scholarship Guidelines

The Next Step Scholarship

Next Step Guidelines

Robert F. & Emily S. Cronin Educational Trust Fund Scholarship

Cronin Guidelines

Marie E. Jones Scholarship

Jones Guidelines


Rotating Scholarships

Rotating scholarships rotate annually between schools to provide scholarships to students.

Leo F. Baron I Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Parkview

Baron I Guidelines

Leo F. Baron II Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

Baron II Guidelines

Leo F. Baron III Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Glendale

Baron III Guidelines

Marjory Laker Bates Scholarship- 2019 Central

Bates Guidelines

Sharon Bossi Scholarship- 2019 Central

Bossi Guidelines

Les Brock Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

Brock Guidelines

Joe Cain Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

Cain Guidelines

Edward Corrigan Educational Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

Corrigan Educational Guidelines

Edward Corrigan Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Parkview

Corrigan Memorial Guidelines

William B. and Jean Gist Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

Gist Guidelines

Charles R. Hall Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Kickapoo

Charles Hall Guidelines

Paula K. Henbest Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

Henbest Guidelines

Dr. H. Lee Hoover Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Central

Hoover Guidelines

Dr. Sally Johnson Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Parkview

Johnson Guidelines

Anna O’Brien Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

O’Brien Guidelines

Edward Rykowski Memorial Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

Rykowski Guidelines

Springfield MSTA J.E. Kuklenski Scholarship- 2019 Parkview

Kuklenski Guidelines

Springfield MSTA Scholarship- 2019 Kickapoo

MSTA Guidelines

Springfield Police Reserves Scholarship- 2019 Kickapoo

Police Reserves Guidelines

Springfield Police Reserves Fogle Scholarship- 2019 Parkview

Fogle Guidelines

Springfield Police Reserves Wagner Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

Police Reserves Wagner Guidelines

H.P. Study I Scholarship- 2019 Hillcrest

Study I Guidelines

H.P. Study II Scholarship- 2019 Glendale

Study II Guidelines

H.P. Study III Scholarship- 2019 Parkview

Study III Guidelines

E. Wade & Flo Williams Memorial Scholarship

Williams Scholarship Guidelines



Deadline: Thursday, March 7, 2019

Coach Jim Ball Memorial Scholarship

Coach Ball Guidelines

Ida Carol Rohrbach Barry Scholarship

Barry Guidelines

Marguerite Bingham Scholarship

Bingham Guidelines

Brandy Boucher Memorial/Competitive Edge Scholarship

Boucher Guidelines

William Brandon Bowman CHS Foreign Language Scholarship

Bowman Scholarship Guidelines

Central Scholarship

Central Scholarship Guidelines

Central High School Staff Scholarship

Central Staff Guidelines

Central High School Heritage Scholarship

CHS Heritage Guidelines

CHS National Forensic League Scholarship

CHS Forensic Guidelines

The Colonel’s Scholarship

The Colonel’s Scholarship Guidelines

John W. Dickey Endowmed Scholarship for Central

John W. Dickey Guidelines

Betty Lee Dunham, “Keep Looking Up” Scholarship

Dunham Guidelines

Hope Else Harris Memorial Scholarship

Harris Guidelines

Cheryl Ann McCarty Memorial Scholarship

McCarty Guidelines

Clifton and Lorane McCormick Scholarship

McCormick Guidelines

Ronald A. Neville Scholarship

Neville Guidelines

William Thomas Pearson Debate Scholarship

Pearson Debate Guidelines

Class of 1921 G. Pearson Ward I Scholarship

Ward I Scholarship Guidelines

Senior High Class of 1930 Scholarship

Class of 1930 Guidelines

Senior High School Class of 1933 Scholarship

Class of 1933 Guidelines

Senior High School Class of 1938 Scholarship

Class of 1938 Guidelines

Kipper Dale Smart Scholarship

Smart Guidelines

Haley Stevens Fine Arts Scholarship

Stevens Guidelines

Andrea Renee Teel Memorial Scholarship

Teel Guidelines

Margaret E. Waespe Memorial Scholarship

Waespe Guidelines



Deadline: Thursday, March 7, 2019 

Important: Please read these 2019 Glendale Directions in full before you fill out or submit any Glendale scholarship applications.

Howard Bell Scholarship

Bell Guidelines

Sarah Leigh Day Memorial Scholarship

Day Guidelines

Glendale High School Students Memorial Scholarship

GHS Student Memorial Guidelines

Sarah Hall GHS Cross Country Scholarship

Sarah Hall Guidelines

Bill and Joyce Hawkins Choral Dedication Scholarship

Hawkins Guidelines

John A. Obirek Memorial Scholarship

Obirek Guidelines

Julie E. Wagner Scholarship

Wagner Scholarship Guidelines

Sara and Jennifer Whiteaker Memorial Scholarship

Whiteaker Guidelines



Deadline: Friday, March 1, 2019 

Athletes of HHS Class of 1961 Scholarship

Athletes of HHS Guidelines

Evan David Brewer Memorial Scholarship

Brewer Guidelines

Mary Brightwell Scholarship

Brightwell Guidelines

Sally and Dean Carter Scholarship

Carter Guidelines

Jerry Gregg Memorial Scholarship

Gregg Guidelines

Sharon M. Hardecke Scholarship

Hardecke Guidelines

Steve Smay Memorial Scholarship

Smay Guidelines

Rilen Spellman Memorial Scholarship

Spellman Guidelines

John J. Sweeney Memorial Scholarship

Sweeney Guidelines

Patsy Wagner Scholarship

Wagner Guidelines

E. Wade & Flo Williams Memorial Scholarship

Williams Guidelines


Kickapoo High School

Deadline: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Barber Memorial Student Workers Scholarship

Barber Student Worker Guidelines

Barber Memorial Student Council Scholarship

Barber Student Council Guidelines

Connie Bilyeu Vocal Music Scholarship

Bilyeu Guidelines

Arthur P. Elbert Science Education Scholarship

Elbert Guidelines

Christopher H. Hayter Memorial Scholarhip

Hayter Guidelines

KHS Lady Chiefs Booster Club Scholarship

KHS Lady Chiefs Guidelines

Coach Jim Pearson Scholarship

Pearson Guidelines

Marilyn Gugel Pfeiffer Scholarship

Pfeiffer Guidelines

Stephanie Phillips Memorial Scholarship

Phillips Guidelines

Ernie Pratt Memorial Scholarship

Pratt Guidelines

Matt Ruthrauff Memorial Scholarship

Ruthrauff Guidelines

KHS Coach Sue Schuble Scholarship

Schuble Guidelines

Jeff Wester Memorial Scholarship

Wester Guidelines

Stewart Wood, Hall of Fame Scholarship

Hall of Fame Guidelines



Deadline: Thursday, March 7, 2019 

Bradley Charles Palmer Memorial Scholarship

Palmer Guidelines

Parkview High School Class of 1968

Parkview High School Class of 1968 Guidelines

Devon Roberson Memorial Viking Singer Scholarship

Roberson Guidelines

Dunlop Family Scholarship

Dunlop Guidelines

Ferne Westbrooke Scholarship

Westbrooke Guidelines

Robert Rotenberry Memorial Scholarship

Rotenberry Guidelines

Mildred Riley Hulse Foreign Languages Scholarship

Hulse Guidelines

David E. Doss Memorial Scholarship

Doss Guidelines

Marjorie Pottenger Rook, Spirit Award Scholarship

Rook Guidelines

Wayne French Scholarship

French Guidelines

Hattie Colleen Ummel James Memorial Scholarship

James Guidelines

Coach Clark Kynion Scholarship

Kynion Guidelines



Deadline: TBA

Bailey Excellence and Success for Today (BEST)

B.E.S.T. Guidelines

Doris Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Doris Thompson Guidelines