Pick-a-Project is the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools online, crowdfunding for education program for SPS teachers and educators.

Here are the details:

  • Program applications begin in October of each school year.
  • Projects are posted by SPS teachers and educators for funding and may not exceed $1,000.
  • Projects stay online for up to 40 days or until they are fully funded, whichever comes first.
  • New applications to the program must be submitted by Monday, March 9 in order to allow them to have adequate time for funding opportunities before the program ends in May.
  • Donations made to Pick-a-Project are tax deductible and donors will receive a donation receipt from the Foundation for SPS.
  • Projects that receive full and partial funding will need to complete a final project report.

In addition to submitting the application below, please email a hi-rez image or pic, suggested file type is jpg 200 kb or up, to accompany your project posting, to Administrative Coordinator Tina Pham at ttpham@spsmail.org. If you have questions regarding Pick-a-Project, please contact the Foundation office at 523-0144, or email Tina at ttpham@spsmail.org

Applications for the 2019-2020 Pick-a-Project will open on Monday, September 30.

Apply for Pick a Project

  • Please share the social media tags that are appropriate, relevant and will help to promote your grant project
  • Please give a brief overview of your project
  • Please list out the items to be purchased with funds along with the cost for each
  • Please describe how you plan to use the funds you are requesting
  • What need is represented by your request?
  • How will this project impact your students?
  • Briefly describe your student population