You’re an Engineer, Harry (STEM + Harry Potter)

  • Project Cost: $500.00
  • Funded to Date: $300
  • Teacher Name: McKenzie Harbaugh
  • School: Weller Elementary School
  • Grade Level: K-5 / Library
  • Description:

    The Lego set is divided into separate project bags with individual instructions. Each group of students will be assigned a bag and instructions for how to build a portion of the design. Once each group’s structure is built, all the components will be combined to form the final project–Hogwarts castle!

  • Planned Use for Funds: With the funds, I plan to purchase the Hogwarts Castle Lego Set.
  • Need Represented: Strengthened school community, collaboration across grade levels, engagement, focus on engineering, and literacy promotion
  • Academic Impact: Students will combine their fascination with the fantastical world of Harry Potter and their love for Legos into one collaborative, STEM-based project. The project will allow students to practice synthesis, collectively produce a tangible artifact, and participate in a cooperative learning opportunity.
  • Student Population: Weller Elementary School is the most diverse elementary school in Springfield. We proudly promote diversity and inclusion. We are also located in a low-income neighborhood where most students are lacking basic necessities. Overall, we have about 450 (awesome) students.

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