Woven Garden Environment

  • Project Cost: $627.45
  • Funded to Date: $50
  • Teacher Name: Faye Cotton
  • School: Central High School
  • Grade Level: 7-12 Art
  • Description:

    Students from art classes and the garden club will be creating a large domed environment out of wooden boards. The boards will be woven together to create this environment which will be a permanent structure in the gardens at Central High School. It will serve as a place of rest or shelter for classes when they are outside utilizing the gardens.

  • Planned Use for Funds: The funds will be used to purchase the lumber and mallets needed to construct the structure. I will be purchasing materials prior to my grant request being funded due to a time constraint on the discount at Lowe's. If funded the money would reimburse the material fees for future projects.
  • Need Represented: We have a financial need as the project is expensive and exceeds the scope of student fees for the course. The students will provide all the of planning (with the help of 2 visiting artists who are volunteering their time) and all of the man power to create the structure.
  • Academic Impact: This project will impact students because it is an interdisciplinary experience unlike any other they will receive in school. Students will collaborate and construct a large vaulted structure. The structure will have to be woven together and will require active participation from all members. When finished, the students will have created an environment which can be used as a learning space for all the other classes in the school. Students will not only be artists, but engineers and mathematicians as they erect this dome. When the project is complete, they will then engage with the science and gardening aspect of the project while they grow vines and plant life around the structure. It is truly an interdisciplinary experience like none other.
  • Student Population: Our students are low on the income scale and most are on free and reduced lunch. We also have students that deal with a lot more than the average teenager, many are like adults in that they work outside of school. This experience will open them up to the possibilities of what doors school can open for them. It will also foster their sense of community and ownership in the school.

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