Fully Funded: Tonies for Tiny Learners

Fully Funded: Tonies for Tiny Learners

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    As a Kindergarten teacher there are many ways my students can “read” stories. One of their favorite ways is by listening to stories on various apps. I want to provide my students with two tonies music boxes for students to listen to kid friendly stories and songs that are not only fun and engaging, but educational too. During reading rounds there is a “Read to self” rotation where students can pick books that support their interests to look through and attempt to read. Tonies can encourage a new way to read by listening to a story of the students choosing.

  • Need Represented: A love for reading can be fostered through listening to a variety of fun and engaging stories in a unique way that gives the students the power of choice in the books they are hearing.
  • Academic Impact: I will use the funds to purchase two tonies starter bundles. Each bundle comes with a tonies box, 5 tonies of your choosing and 1 creative tonie. The creative tonie can be used to upload different books read by the teacher, or even the students. These funds will also be used to purchase two pairs of headphones that students can use to quietly hear their stories and songs.
  • Student Population: My student population consists of 24 students, 11 girls and 13 boys ranging from 5-6 years old. My class is made up of a variety of students from several different backgrounds, including white, hispanic, island pacifier and black. The student body at our school is made up of 76% of free and reduced lunch services.
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