Throw Your Voice

  • Project Cost: $358.00
  • Funded to Date: $0.00
  • Online Until: April 10, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Dawn Licata
  • School: David Harrison
  • Grade Level: 2nd Grade
  • Description:

    I am wanting to purchase two Qballs for my classroom. What is a QBall you might be wondering?! Well, it is a fun and innovative way to engage and interact with your peers or any kind of audience. The Qball is a throwable wireless microphone meant to be tossed around the room. The Qball is made of a light, soft, and durable foam, designed to take a beating. The microphone automatically shuts off while in flight so you don’t get any unwanted thumps or bumps over the speakers. The Qball also features an exclusive Battery-Saver feature. If no movement is detected for 10 minutes, the Qball will automatically go into standby mode to save on power. The Qball could be used in so many ways including whole group discussions, guided reading groups, math groups, sharing our writing with the class (we all have those shy students who have a hard time speaking up when we want them to:). I also envision our school using these during assemblies, faculty meetings, family event nights, etc.

  • Planned Use for Funds: I would use all funds ($358) to purchase 2 Qballs.
  • Need Represented: Having Qballs in our classroom would take speaking and presenting to the next level. This would keep students engaged and excited to be able and share with their peers along with helping all students to be able and hear what is being said. It also allows students to be holding on to something (the Qball) while sharing so they do not have to figure out what to do with their hands. Qballs would also keep students engaged because it is meant to be thrown in the air.
  • Academic Impact: This project would impact my students by creating a new sense of wonder and excitement to share out loud and present. There are many students who would prefer to sit in class and never be called upon. Having Qballs in our class would positively impact student participation. This new, innovative wireless microphone would engage students and keep their attention while others are speaking. In addition, these Qballs could be used by many others in our building, students and teachers alike.
  • Student Population: We have 26 students in our classroom. There are 12 girls and 14 boys. We have 8 students who are considered English Learners. Having Qballs would also greatly benefit them by allowing them to clearly hear their classmates speak and present.

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