“The Play’s the Thing” Finds Local Inspiration in Museum!

“The Play’s the Thing” Finds Local Inspiration in Museum!

  • Description:

    The Play’s the Thing is offered for gifted 3-4 graders who love to write and act! Students brainstorm material and turn it into a script with stage directions, dialogue, and set.
    Students are ready to “hit the road” and collect new material.
    The new Springfield History Museum is an excellent venue for local topics and stories to be topics to use, script and be acted out on stage.
    Prior to the field trip, students will be assigned as an acting ENSEMBLE. The day of the visit, students will first visit the stage of Springfield Little Theater and hear from the experts there about presenting a performance.
    After that, the class will tour together and collect local history at the Museum. Following the visit and they will return to class, discuss what topics inspired their group and then turn the excitement and historical information into a skit.
    In summary, students will model and emulate the life a genuine playwright and learn local history at the same time.

  • Need Represented: Student's need to visit our community theater and also tour the museum that represents history of their city and state.
    Their need to be challenged outside of the classroom in an enriching manner.
    Their need to see history presented in a interesting and creative manner.
  • Academic Impact: Topics at the Springfield History Museum are relevant to the Major Unit the students are currently studying.

    Offering them an out-of-classroom experience to the History Museum will benefit them to learn in a new way and enhance their learning.
  • Student Population: 35 SPS Elementary Schools and 9 Middle Schools attend our program called WINGS. We serve a combination of those students one day a week. A new group of students are served each of the four days.

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