The Morning Mile

  • Project Cost: $647.99
  • Teacher Name: Karen Stoneking
  • School: Fremont Elementary
  • Grade Level: PE Prek-5
  • Description:

    I am looking for resources to fund my school wide Morning Mile Club. This is a club that meets from 8:00-8:15 for students wishing to walk instead of sitting in the gym before the bell rings. I am looking to purchase eZ scan which is an app that I can download. This lets me print QR codes and students can track laps and attendance with their codes. As they pass me, they simply scan their code to the ipad and it keeps track of laps and data. I am also wanting to purchase rewards to give based on attendance and laps completed. I am asking for toe tokens, laces, water bottles and t-shirts.

  • Planned Use for Funds: I will use the EZ Scanner as children check in each day for their morning mile. We will also use them during the morning mile to keep track of their laps. They will earn prizes based on attendance and miles earned. Prizes I requested are shoe tokens, laces to wear holding the tokens, t-shirts and water bottles.
  • Need Represented: I am looking for resources for my Morning Mile club. I want to get students out of the gym in the morning while waiting for the bell and come and exercise by trying to get a mile in each morning! I am looking to purchase and EZ scan app that will track progress, laps and attendance as well as rewards for attendance.
  • Academic Impact: This will impact my students by getting them up and moving in the mornings rather than sitting until the bell rings. This system will provide easier attendance tracking and lap tracking as well. The rewards will help to be incentives for students to keep participating!
  • Student Population: We are a PreK-5 building and have approximately 400 students. We are a title 1 school and are close to 90% free and reduced lunch.

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