The Art of Printmaking

  • Project Cost: $$983.76
  • Funded to Date: $983.76 Fully Funded!
  • Online Until: March 2, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Jennifer S. Green
  • School: Phelps Center for Gifted Education
  • Grade Level: 6-8 Gifted Education/ The Art of Printmaking
  • Description:

    In this unit, gifted middle schoolers will be immersed in the traditional art of printmaking. Students will create monoprints, linoleum block prints, woodblock prints, and serigraph prints. Students will then professionally display their finest prints, along with artist statements, in a gallery setting for the community to enjoy.

  • Planned Use for Funds: These funds will be used to by equipment and supplies for this semester long printmaking unit. The equipment will be used over many years, as additional students learn printmaking at Phelps.
  • Need Represented: Printmaking is an expensive endeavor. The costs can be prohibitive for students to experience this ancient art. These funds will ensure young artists continue to engage in a variety of art form and media, without financial barriers limiting their options.
  • Academic Impact: The Goals and Objective of this Unit are:
    Know the 7 elements of art and identify their usage in art
    Know the 7 design principles and identify their usage in art.
    Know efficient and safe methods for tool and material usage.
    Know the basic methods of printmaking and processes for creating art prints.
    Know general history and culture of printmaking.

    Practice safe and responsible use of tools, equipment, and materials in printmaking
    Create 2-dimensional art using a variety of printmaking methods and materials.
    Utilize the 7 elements and 7 principles of art in our pieces.
    Discuss the impact, meaning, and validity of various works of art.
    Critique our work and the works of others so we may grow as artist and audience.
    Write artists statements in order to clarify our message and artistic experience.
    Share our art in our community.

    The Understandings:
    Art affects the audience and the artist.
    Artistic experience is unique to each person.
    Skills and strategies can be used to increase meaning in our art.
    The process of creating teaches us.
    Artists revise and edit to increase understanding of their art.
    Artists deliver messages.
    Audiences and artists search for meaning in art and artistic experiences.

    Essential Questions:
    How do the materials change as they are processed and modified?
    What have I learned about myself from this experience?
    What is my message?
    What is my art saying?
    Why am I creating this piece?
    Why do I create? What does it do for me/to me?
    How are the principles and elements incorporated into this piece?
    Is this piece for the artist or the audience? Is art for the artist or the audience? How do we know?
    Why do I make art?
    What is art?
    Is this art?
  • Student Population: Gifted students from all Springfield Public School Middle Schools.

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