CHS – Telluride Film Festival City Lights Project

CHS – Telluride Film Festival City Lights Project

  • Description:

    The Telluride Film Festival is one of the greatest, most prestigious film festivals on earth. Each year, Telluride selects three schools each year as special guests to attend the festival and participate in the City Lights Project (an outstanding immersive educational experience into film). This year, for the 50th Festival, Central High School was chosen to attend!

    As part of this extraordinary honor, six students and two teachers will be participating in what could be the most amazing festival to date. While the City Lights project covers all costs (festival passes, food, lodging) they cannot cover travel costs.

    Here is where we need your help. We need to get our group to and from Telluride quickly and safely. Your donations provide the needed support for the students and teachers to travel to the festival and experience this life-changing event.

  • Need Represented: The City Lights projects specifically aims to work with schools that meet the following criteria:
    Those that are "Serving a student population identified in your community as “underserved and/or at risk.”. Central High School meets that and the students who are traveling on this trip would only be able to experience this festival with the support of yourself and the City Lights Project. This is a life changing experience that has the potential to be the motivating factor that changes the trajectory of a young life.
  • Academic Impact: Students will :
    ■ View approximately 10-12 film programs over six days.
    ■ Interact with filmmakers, actors, and other film artists, including
    screenwriters, musicians, and producers.
    ■ Participate in journal writing sessions.
    ■ Meet with college students participating in the Festival’s Student Symposium program.
    ■ Learn how films are critiqued, how they are made, how stories are developed, how to critically view a variety of creative media, and how to open their minds to new experiences and viewpoints.
    ■ Continue the experience after the Festival as both students and teachers share what they have learned through the City Lights Project with peers, school, family, and community back home.
    ■ Have the time of their lives in one of the most majestic and beautiful places on the planet—Telluride, Colorado.
    ■ Live and breathe film with students and teachers from other participating schools.
    ■ Share their experiences with passholders and film lovers from around the world.
  • Student Population: Students and teachers are:
    Serving a student population identified in your community as “underserved and/or at risk.”
    ■ Desire to provide special arts-based learning opportunities to their students.
    ■ Solid commitment to supporting their students and accompanying
    teachers in unique off-campus learning activities.
    ■ Ability and commitment to provide pre-Festival studies to assist their students in preparing for the Festival experience.
    ■ Desire to build on this experience with other students and teachers upon returning to school.
    ■ Ability to identify students eager for this film immersion experience who have the maturity to maximize this opportunity to gain a greater world and cultural awareness.
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