Supporting Biliteracy for English Learners

  • Project Cost: $524.47
  • Funded to Date: $305
  • Online Until: January 10, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Jeffrey Karr
  • School: ELL Department (Holland/Cowden)
  • Grade Level: ELL
  • Description:

    Many of our libraries and Raz-Kids have Spanish titles available for our students to read, but we do not have assessment tools available to determine what level of book will support and grow their literacy skills in their first language, which in turn supports their English-learning.

  • Planned Use for Funds: I will purchase the Spanish DRA kit and Spanish Concepts about Print kit to be used by our ELL department. These are standard assessments given to students in the district in English.
  • Need Represented: Research shows that young children who were exposed to age-appropriate books in their native language developed stronger pre-literacy skills than children only exposed to books in their second language. Children who learn to read in their native language first will have an easier time learning to read in their second language than children who never learned to read in their first language. Without a strong cognitive foundation in their first language, children learning a second language will tend to take much longer to acquire cognitive academic language skills in the second language.
  • Academic Impact: The students who read in two languages have been show to be higher achievers. The transfer of skills from first language to English is vitally important, so by being able to continue allowing students to read on grade level in their first language, their English academic skills will flourish. Also, this project will support a new DESE initiative. DESE has just introduced the MO Seal of Biliteracy, which will recognize students proficient in two languages.
  • Student Population: The ELL Program in SPS has over 1000 students, and over half of them are Spanish-speaking.
  • Items in this Project:

    EDL2 + Kit K-6: $458.97
    Concepts about Print Observation Survey in Spanish: $28.00
    Stones Spanish Edition: $12.50
    No Shoes Spanish Edition: $12.50
    Follow Me, Moon Spanish Edition: $12.50


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