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    My project will allow my students the opportunity to choose books for their own. each month, the students will choose 5.00 worth of books.

  • Planned Use for Funds: Each month, I will have the students choose books for $5.00, from Scholastic.
  • Need Represented: Many of our students have the 95% free and reduced lunch status. Many of our families are mobile and students may not be able to go to the library. Students will be able to choose books that they want to read. My hope is that by allowing "student book choice," this will instill a love for reading. They will be able to use the books for personal reading as well as at school.
  • Academic Impact: This will impact my students tremendously. Like previously stated, many of their parents can't or won't take their kids to the library. Research has shown that when children choose their own books, they are more likely to read more. This will help my students learn responsibility of taking care of books. We will write thank you cards to our donors.
  • Student Population: Some of my students are raised by single dads, or single moms, working and non-working. Some are on free and reduced lunch. I currently have 6 boys and 9 girls.
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