STEM Mini-Library

  • Project Cost: $500.00
  • Funded to Date: $300
  • Teacher Name: McKenzie Harbaugh
  • School: Cowden Elementary School
  • Grade Level: K - 5
  • Description:

    Cowden Elementary School is pioneering a new STEM class where students are specifically taught the elements of science, technology, engineering, and math. Each week, the students produce new products by problem-solving and using creativity. However, we are lacking books that focus on the topics addressed in this class. We would like to create a STEM mini-library as a way to provide a curation of resources that the students can utilize when they are designing.

  • Planned Use for Funds: We plan to use the funds to purchase books that focus on topics that relate to science, technology, engineering, and math (i.e. coding, simple machines, weather).
  • Need Represented: New jobs are developing every day that require a general knowledge of STEM topics. As educators, it is our job to teach our students the skills they will need to succeed in a job market that is increasingly STEM-based. In order to do so, teachers and students need to have relevant resources to reference.
  • Academic Impact: We will utilize the resources when teaching new STEM concepts to students. The books will also serve as references for not only teachers, but also students during discovery learning.
  • Student Population: Cowden Elementary School is a Title 1 school located in a low-income neighborhood. Most students are on free or reduced meal plans. We are a diverse school with about 300 talented students who are hardworking and ambitious. They deserve every opportunity that is afforded them.

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