Staying Organized and Safe

Staying Organized and Safe

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    I am requesting Deluxe Multi-Pocket Chair Pockets with pencil case and water bottle holder for my students to use in order to keep their school supplies organized and safe during the school day. By having the chair pockets students will have quick access to needed supplies and not needing to go collect needed items from different locations in the classroom that uses up valuable learning time during the day.

  • Need Represented: The need represented by this request is the ability for my students to have their needed school supplies and materials easily accessible to them during the school day. Currently the students are able to keep some of their needed materials (math book, Chromebook, and school box) at their table during the school day. This allows them to access these items quickly when needed. There are other materials in that classroom that will not fit in their drawer at their table that is also needed during the school day. These items (headphones, writing folder, classroom library books, and IU notebook) that are kept in other spaces in the classroom. When these items are needed the students must wait for their names to be called. This allows for less students to be in those areas and to keep a safe distance between students. This takes valuable learning time and would be easier if the items were easier for student to access when needed during the day.
  • Academic Impact: This project will impact students by being able to quickly access their needed materials for the different lessons during the day without taking up valuable learning time. It will also allow them to keep their materials safe in hopes not to spread any germs between our classmates.
  • Student Population: Currently I have 21 students in my class. There are two students with IEP's, one student who is ELL, and two students who are in the classroom full time that have ASD. I have seven girls and fourteen boys who range in the age of seven to eight years old.
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