Sounding Off In Kindergarten

Sounding Off In Kindergarten

  • Description:

    Kindergarten is wanting to create an outdoor sensory/sound garden for our students to use to increase gross motor and cognitive abilities.

  • Need Represented: Students are coming to Kindergarten with less gross and fine motors skills, fewer self-regulation skills, higher levels of anxiety and many other issues that impact their learning throughout their Kindergarten year and beyond.
    A sensory/sound garden is a garden environment that is designed with the purpose of stimulating the senses and is beneficial in that it is a fun educational tool that allows students to explore and learn about their senses and nature.
    The sensory garden can also be used as a calming center for students with processing and sensory issues.
    Music is important in all aspects of life and a crucial factor in any sensory environment. A musical sound garden combines the benefits of a sensory garden with playing musical instruments and making sounds of all sorts.
  • Academic Impact: Students will benefit greatly from the use of the Sensory/Sound Garden that we are wanting to create by being able to better self-regulate their emotions, enhance their gross and fine motor skills, work on cooperation skills with peers, and to be able to express themselves in a variety of ways.
  • Student Population: Here at Field, we have students from all walks of life--some families are able to take trips with their children and expose them to many different cultures and diverse activities, but we also have students where the families are not able to do as much and we would love to be able to help the students become more globally minded and to be able to have experiences that they might not otherwise.
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