Skate Park Mural: Paint the Thrills, Fund the Skills

Skate Park Mural: Paint the Thrills, Fund the Skills

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    The Parkview High School Art Department is excited to present an innovative project aimed at enhancing the community, enriching the artistic experience of our students, and fostering a sense of pride and ownership in the Springfield Skate Park. We are seeking funding to commission the talented artist, Rebekah Polly, to collaborate with our students in designing and painting an 8ft x 115ft mural at the Springfield Skate Park. This project will not only serve as a vibrant work of art but also as a testament to the power of collaboration and community engagement.

  • Need Represented: Beautify the Springfield Skate Park: The mural will transform the skate park into a vibrant, welcoming space that inspires creativity and celebrates the local community.

    Community Engagement: Engage the local community in the creation of the mural, instilling a sense of pride, connection, and ownership in this valuable community asset.

    Fostering Creativity: Encourage artistic expression and creativity in a public setting, promoting the positive impact of the arts on the community.
  • Academic Impact: Artistic Education: Provide Parkview High School art students with the unique opportunity to work alongside a professional artist, learning valuable skills, and gaining hands-on experience in mural creation.
  • Student Population: There are approximately 1,300 students attending Parkview High School of which 58% of students receive free or reduced lunch. Parkview has approximately 70 English Language Learners.
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