Sensory Smart Math Classroom

  • Project Cost: $1000
  • Teacher Name: Jennifer Coffman
  • School: Pershing Middle School
  • Grade Level: 6th Grade Math
  • Description:

    Kids NEED to move! Sixth grade learners are constantly wiggling and quite frankly physically hurting due to their growth rate. Help me allow my learners ability to move while learning to provide comfort and the added bonus of physical fitness. Learners today suffer from weak core strength impacting their ability to sit comfortably. Your donation will provide high quality seats with integrated motion. In addition to added movement, the seats are silent! Other learners will not be distracted by the sound of rocking chairs. Help my students find comfort in my classroom. Increased comfort increases the rate of learning. The option of movement allows learners to remain calm, focused and productive.

  • Planned Use for Funds: Funds will be used to purchase 9 chairs with integrated motion and a classroom rug. The chairs are high quality and will be purchased from a school furniture vendor.
  • Need Represented: Learners are coming to school with increasing sensory needs each year. To address those needs students need a calm, engaging classroom that also allows for freedom of movement. These chairs will provide an outlet for positive movement.
  • Academic Impact: I teach 120 students, or more each school year. The chairs have a life of 10 years. That is more than 1,200 students impacted by your donation! The purchased chairs will allow distraction free motion that will keep my learners fully engaged in their learning. Let's face it, sixth grade math is hard!
  • Student Population: My students are from varying ethnic backgrounds. Twenty six percent of my students enter my classroom two or more grade levels behind in math. I have more than 10 students annually that require specialized instruction.

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