Sensory Path for Success

Sensory Path for Success

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    Our kindergarteners come to school everyday excited to learn and have fun. Part of being successful in kindergarten is learning how to stay focused during lessons. We are asking for sensory path that can be installed to offer our kids an active way to get their wiggles out so they can focus during learning time. This sensory path can be used as a brain break to support our students.

  • Planned Use for Funds: With the funds requested, we plan to purchase and install a sensory path in the hallway outside the kindergarten classrooms. While all three kindergarten classes will have easy access to use the sensory path, it will be available for all students in the building to use as needed.
  • Need Represented: We understand that all students learn in different ways. This supports students who may need a sensory break or brain break before returning to the classroom to learn. Students will learn to recognize how their emotions affect their learning. If they start to feel frustrated or disengaged, taking a quick break to use the sensory path can be just what a student needs to refocus their energy on learning.
  • Academic Impact: For students to be able to learn and succeed, they need to be able to focus. By allowing our students to take a break with the sensory path, they are able to focus and learn more within the classroom. This will directly support the students’ academic growth and help build stamina for learning.
  • Student Population: In Kindergarten at Sequiota, we serve an awesome group of young learners who are five and six years old. They come to us from homes that are both diverse and unique. No matter what their background, we want our students to learn positive strategies for managing emotions and staying engaged in learning.
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