See It, Learn It, Podcast It (Fully Funded!!!)

  • Project Cost: $458.32
  • Funded to Date: $470
  • Teacher Name: Gail Eubanks
  • School: Parkview High School
  • Grade Level: 9-12/Library Media
  • Description:

    We hope to bring podcasting equipment to our school so that students can work in cooperative groups to produce podcasts that will be heard not only by the students in their particular classrooms but also by the Parkview Community and the world at large through our media center website. This equipment has been specifically requested by our English Language Arts teachers but would be available to all students and teachers through the Parkview Library Media Center.

  • Planned Use for Funds: The equipment that this grant would purchase would be housed in our Library Media Center Innovation Lab and would be available to all students and teachers. Teachers would reserve the equipment and the lab through the librarians. We would provide training for students and teachers on the use of the 8 microphones, 8 headsets, and 8 USB hubs, all of which would be used by students on their Chromebooks. The USB hubs would allow students to unite multiple microphones and headsets onto a single Chromebook so that so that they could work collaboratively to record their voices for student produced podcasts. Having 8 of each item would allow teachers to divide students into groups so that the entire class can be working on projects at the same time. Completed podcasts would be made available on the Parkview Library Media Center website. Podcasting would take the benefits of student learning from the narrow confines of a single classroom to the wider Parkview community and, ultimately, the world at large as all library media center website visitors could access and listen to the podcasts. The podcast has become a significant media force in recent years; this grant would permit our students to harness that force for themselves in a way that requires that they develop their research, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills.
  • Need Represented: Our library has had requests from our ELA teachers for podcasting technology. The equipment being requested would enable all students, but most specifically ELA students, to work collaboratively to produce podcasts as culminating projects, based on their research into people or institutions who define or represent American culture. Students would combine their research, create scripts, and record their completed podcasts which would be made publicly available on our website for website visitors to access and enjoy.
  • Academic Impact: Podcasts have been shown to have great educational value. Podcasts promote learner engagement and enhance motivation, foster cooperation, and cause students to synthesize then reflect on their learning. PHS English Language Arts teachers have approached us about wanting to do podcasts with their students in order to showcase student projects about people and institutions that represent or define American culture. Producing podcasts will cause students to become more invested in their work as they research, write, and record. Finally, students will reflect on what they have learned as they listen to their podcasts and evaluate the quality of their work. While ELA teachers have requested podcasting equipment, all PHS teachers would have access for their students.
  • Student Population: Our student population numbers approximately 1,338 students from diverse racial and socioeconomic groups, with approximately 24% of our students representing minority groups and 63% being considered economically disadvantaged, qualifying for either free lunch or reduced lunch. Our mobility rate is over 60%. Our building does not have additional funding for technology projects beyond what the district provides. Funds for podcasting technology would help our unique student body to engage on multiple levels, drawing on research, writing, and public speaking skills.

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