Second Grade Fluent Reading Library

  • Project Cost: $1000 Fully Funded!!
  • Funded to Date: $1000
  • Online Until: April 13, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Samanthia Stone
  • School: Hickory Hills Elementary
  • Grade Level: Second Grade
  • Description:

    This project would provide a second grade classroom with sets of fluent reading books for Reader’s Workshop.

  • Planned Use for Funds: Our classroom would use the funds to purchase a library of books appropriate to the reading levels of many second grade students. Students would use the books during Reader's Workshop to learn and practice reading and reading comprehension strategies.
  • Need Represented: It is difficult to find books appropriate to both the reading and developmental levels of second graders reading at higher second grade levels. Our school book room is lacking in books at these reading levels. These books would provide better opportunities for students to continue learning reading and reading comprehension strategies while providing students with content more appropriate to their age and developmental levels.
  • Academic Impact: This project could help my second graders achieve higher reading levels. If I can make my students even better readers they will be able to perform better in math and all other content areas.
  • Student Population: My classroom currently consists of 24 diverse learners. Three students receive special services for speech and language development, two students receive special education services, and one student currently qualifies for the WINGS program at Phelps.

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