Replacement Project

Replacement Project

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    Following a smash and grab robbery, we are in need of one full Kiltie uniform to replace the one stolen and would also like to replace the Herald Bugle that was stolen. It was a Getzen Bugle, over 30 years old, and was truly priceless to many. We would like to use crowd funding as an opportunity to replace these items with the support of our community, allowing raised funds to be used for yearly repair and replacement costs.

  • Need Represented: One uniform- quoted at $992
    One Herald Trumpet- quoted at $1,148
  • Academic Impact: It will show them that we are supported and loved by the community that we serve.
  • Student Population: We currently have 6 freshmen, 16 sophomores, 9 juniors, and 10 seniors marching on the Corps. Our demographic is incredibly diverse and our families socioeconomic status ranges from food support needed for most families, to financially secure in some.
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