Read, Write & Build Character

  • Project Cost: $345.00
  • Funded to Date: $345 Fully Funded!
  • Online Until: January 10, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Tami Murphy
  • School: McBride Elementary
  • Grade Level: 2nd
  • Description:

    I have a chunk of books on my Amazon wish-list in hopes to build a library of read-aloud books that can be used in my classroom (and shared with others) that I can use to teach reading and writing skills while also building valuable character traits in students. I’ve been purchasing one of the list almost every month, but there are so many that I’d like to read to my class- no, that I NEED to read to my class next week. The students LOVE these books. You can reference the characters from the story rather then the student as a reminder to make better choices without the student feeling shameful.

  • Planned Use for Funds: I will use the funds to purchase 30 books by Julia Cook, 1 book set by Nasco, 1 box set by David Parker, and 1 book by Bryan Smith. Some example titles include Baditude! What to Do When Life Stinks, The Technology Tail: A Digital Footprint Story, and I Just Don't Like the Sound of No! These books will benefit my current students, other students in my building, and my future students!
  • Need Represented: This request fulfills a need to build character. Recent horrific events are all the evidence needed to prove that character education needs to be part of every classroom. Students are coming to school with less social skills than ever. In the fast-paced society we live in, less families have time to teach these skills. Additionally, many of the social issues emerge when students are placed in large groups together for extended periods of time. These books artfully present the issues in ways that engage young students and inspire discussion beyond the story.
  • Academic Impact: Academically, students benefit when teachers read aloud and discuss texts that are above their reading level. These books are all above the reading level of the average second grader. These books also lend themselves nicely to making connections which is a key skill in second grade. Additionally, we can analyze the technique of the author Julia Cook (who has written the majority of the books I'm wishing for) and the artful way she presents her information while still telling a story that includes a solid beginning, middle, and end.
  • Student Population: I have the largest class size in my school- 25 students. I have 14 girls and 11 boys. 40% of my class qualifies for free and reduced lunch and 4 of my students participate in the district backpack program (food for the weekends). Additionally, I'm the Club Encore liaison for my school, so I work with 100 additional students after school.
  • Items in this Project:

    Nasco"My Story"social skills readers&guides: $106.25
    The Best Me I Can Be Boxed Set: $130
    I Just Don't Like the Sound of No!: $6.35
    The Technology Tail: $9.86
    The Worst Day of My Life Ever: $6.35
    That Rule Doesn't Apply to Me!: $9.82
    Baditude!: $7.93
    SodaPop Head: $9.67
    But It's Not My Fault: $9.30
    I Just Want to Do it My Way: $7.06


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